Microsensor Analysis in the Environmental Sciences
Marine Biological Station Rønbjerg, Denmark
May 30 - June 7, 2018


May 30
Arrival to Rønbjerg (not later than 18.00).
General introduction. Get-together dinner/party.

May 31

09.00-09.15 Introduction and general information

09.15-12.00 Niels Peter Revsbech (4 lectures): "Electrochemical microsensors (O2, pH, CO2, N20, H2S, H2)"
"Microsensors for diffusivity and flow"
"Microbial biosensors"

"Novel combined sensors"


14.30-17.30 Klaus Koren & Michael Kühl (3 lectures)
"Optical sensor materials and sensing principles" (KK)
"Optical chemical microsensors and imaging" (KK)

pH and O2 imaging in aquatic applications" (MIK)


3 participant presentations

June 1
09.00-12.00 Dirk de Beer (3 lectures)
"LIX microsensors and their application"

"Microsensor studies of N- and S-cycling"
"In situ application of microsensors"


14.30-17.30 Niel Peter Revbech, Kasper Brodersen, Michael Kühl (3 lectures)
"Microsensor applications in soil systems" (NP)
Microsensor and imaging analyses of rhizospheres" (KB)
"Light microsensors and their application“ (MIK)


3 participant presentations.

June 2
09.00-12.00 Michael Kühl & Dirk de Beer (3 lectures):
"Measuring oxygenic photosynthesis and energy budgets" (MIK)
Microenvironmental analysis of corals and other symbioses” (MIK)
"Measuring anoxygenic photosynthesis" (DB)


14.30-17:30 Laboratory excercise:
"Oxygen microsensor measurements of respiration and photosynthesis in a microbial mat"


3 participant presentations

Final project definition and planning.

June 3-5
Experimental projects in groups of 4-5 participants. Working hours are undefined, but meals are served on schedule.

After dinner (during dessert):
Participants give a short presentation
(max. 10 min. + 5 min questions) on their research.

June 6
Data analysis and preparation of presentation by each project group.

15-18: Group presentations.

Dinner and Goodbye party.

June 7
Clean up & Evaluation of the course.

Departure late morning before lunch