FISH SWIMMING: Kinematics, Ecomorphology, Behavior & Environmental Physiology

Session B: Sunday July - Friday August 2019.

5 weeks: M-F 8-5; S 8-12 Fish 565 (9 credits)

Dr. Paolo Domenici and Dr. John Fleng Steffensen (Italy & Denmark).

Fish swimming is a multidisciplinary area of research that encompasses biomechanics, physiology, ecology and behavior. Knowledge of fish swimming is relevant both for students interested in mechanisms of locomotion, and those interested in locomotor adaptations to the environment. The main subjects will be 1) the kinematics and performance of swimming in fish using various locomotory modes, 2) the ecomorphology of fish locomotion, 3) locomotor strategies, 4) metabolic aspects of fish swimming, and 5) the effect of various environmental factors on fish swimming. These topics will be treated in lectures and laboratory/field sessions. Students will learn techniques of video analysis, swimming tunnels and respirometry. The first half of the course will have an emphasis on lectures and explanations of techniques for studying fish swimming in the laboratory and in the field. In the second half of the course, emphasis will be placed on projects mainly in the laboratory but possibly also in the field. Groups with 2 - 3 students will pursue independent research projects. These will be discussed between each student and the instructors, who will also suggest a number of relevant projects. Original projects on fish locomotion, based on the student's personal background and interest, will also be considered. At the end of the course, students are expected to present the results of their independent projects orally and as a written report in the format of a scientific paper. Enrollment is limited to 15 students.

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Example of fish a pile perch swimming in a swimtunnel during the UW FHL FishSwimming course.

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