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Other Spanish Civil War aviation sites

Aviones de la Guerra Civil Española: A superb site from Manuel Rodriguez Valverde with individual pages for many aircraft and with tons of graphics - The most comprehensive site on the Web. Mostly in Spanish.
L'aviació a la Guerra Civil Espanyola: Another great site, particularly for FARE aircraft (most of the links on the Nationalist page don't seem to work). Also contains a nice page of group/squadron badges, and lots of information on pilots, aerodromes etc. Mostly in Spanish.(This site seems to be no more, March 2004)
The FARE's fighters markings: A very promising looking spin-off from the above site. Although it has limited numbers of aircraft at the moment, and several non-functional links, there are some nice colour profiles of FARE fighters, with attack planes, bombers and "miscellaneous" to come. In English (This site seems to be no more, March 2004)
Cazas de la Guerra Civil Española: A site from Henri San Benito, covering fighters used in the Spanish Civil War, together with other interesting information. In Spanish.
Knights of the Air -Air aspects in the Spanish Civil War: A site covering the numerically most important aircraft in great detail, and giving pilot biographies etc., in both English and Spanish.
Registro Español de Aeronaves: A site dealing with registration codes of Spanish civil aircraft, particularly interesting for its coverage of many of the civil aircraft that became involved in the civil war, with many pre-war and war-time photographs.

Sites dealing with particular aircraft

The Polikarpov I-15 Chato in the Spanish Civil War 1936-1939 A site dealing with, well, the I-15 in the Spanish Civil War - Very comprehensive. Mostly in Spanish with some English.
The Polikarpov I-16 Mosca in the Spanish Civil War, 1936 - 1939 A companion site to the one above, and equally good.
Potez 54 A site by Juan Antonio Soler, dealing not only with the Po54 in the Spanish Civil War, but with several other French aircraft types used by the Republicans. In Spanish and English (with a little French).
Breda Ba-65 A page about the history of this aircraft, particularly in WWII.
Croix-du-Sud: Laté-28 A site about the Latécoère 28 series of aircraft.
Fokker G-1: Site of the Fokker G-1 association.
Koolhoven Aeroplanes Foundation A site dedicated to the aircraft produced or designed by Frederick Koolhoven
Messerchmitt Bf-109 Leyenda de la Aviación A site by Juan Sierra and Lluis Garreta, dedicated to the Bf 109, with a Spanish slant. In Spanish.

General Spanish Civil War links

Spanish Civil War A site covering the Spanish Civil War as part of the UK schools National Curriculum.

General aviation links

The Military Aircraft Encyclopaedia (Russian) An amazing site with details of a good proportion of all the military aircraft that have ever flown - It's a pity that all the text is in Russian, but the pictures tell a thousand words...
The Military Aircraft Database A huge collection of information about military aircraft, 'though with few pictures. This particular database keeps moving site, so I hope this link will continue to work.

Modelling links

Special Interest Group Spanish Civil War A page maintained by the Spanish Civil War SIG of the IPMS Netherlands.
Aircraft of the Spanish Civil War A site showcasing the Spanish Civil War aircraft models of Nicolas Protonotarios (Now at a new address, and updated and expanded).
A model reference guide for the Regia Aeronautica A site made by Chris Busbridge dealing in examplary detail with models of Italian aircraft used by the Regia Aeronautica (many of which were also used by the Aviazione Legionaria).
72nd Scale Models A site attempting to provide a census of all available 1:72 scale model kits (a very big job!).
Hannants - Plastic model kits and accessories The home of the best internet mail-order model shop.
The Aviation Megastore Another internet mail-order model shop that is fast approaching Hannants.
Tony Matteliano's Scale Model Index A massive collection of internet links and resources for modellers.

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